About Stretch Alive

TV Series: 8 programs, DVD and Workbook

TV Program Length: half-hour

DVD length:: 180 min

Workbook:: 200 pages + tear-out flashcards

Program Description:

Yoga can be practised anytime, anyplace and anywhere, according to host Lisa Schwartz. And it can add immeasurably to the quality of daily life, if you take her up on her advice!

In this eight-part series, Lisa teaches all the fundamentals of Hatha yoga to the beginner. She shows how the stances and exercises can be incorporated into daily life, and how to transform furniture and architectural features into props for stretching.

Hatha yoga is a time-tested system which offers many benefits to its practitioners including increased flexibility, strength cardiovascular fitness (at advanced levels) relaxation and inner peace.

Lisa is an advanced yoga practitioner who has studied and taught for over twenty-five years. She has studied under two of the world's greatest contemporary figures in Yoga: B.K.S. Iyengar in India and Vanda Scaravelli in Europe.

A comprehensive workbook and a unique flash-card system for designing individual practise sessions are part of this learning package too.