RelaxationRoute - Book, Video & Audio tapes

Video: 120 min DVD

Book: Spiral bound, 120 pages with tear-out planning cards

Deep relaxation is the quickest, most effective means of reducing stress.

This course will teach you how to trigger the mechanism your body uses to alleviate stress: "the relaxation response". By the end of the course, you will possess the knowledge and skills you need to live more comfortably with the pressures and stresses you face daily.

The course is based on more than 15 years of successfully teaching thousands of people how to reduce their reaction to the stresses of life. The techniques and the layout of the program are founded on principles from a broad base of disciplines that have proven effective in reducing stress and bringing about tangible benefits to thousands of people.

You don't have to believe that relaxation will help you. All you have to do is do is follow the instructions in this workbook and judge the results for yourself. Make a commitment to do the exercises and you will benefit.

The Way to Well Being - the book
"The Way to Well Being" is a workbook that will help you work through a 56 day course designed to help you improve your sense of well being through the use of deep relaxation techniques. It is a practical self-help program for learning healthy ways to respond to the stresses in your life.

The Relaxation Route - the video
In the one hour video, Eli Bay introduces you visually to many of the relaxation skills covered in the course that are not available on audio cassette or book. Seeing is an excellent way to learn exactly how it’s supposed to be done and just how simple these exercises are to do. This video helps take the mystery out of the process and gives you the opportunity to experience, practice and master these exercises.

Eli takes you through all the mind focusing relaxation methods, including the two deepening exercises, 3-2-1 and 10-1, The Body Scan, Nostril Breathing and the classic 1-4 technique for calming the chatter of your mind. The Spiral Relaxation exercise is shown in extensive detail and the process is taught in three carefully laid out stages. This a video to learn from and to work with. You have lots of time to practice your skills to the accompaniment of calming images of cloud filled skies and relaxing music especially composed for the video by Andy Thompson.

About the Authors

Eli Bay is the Founder and Director of The Relaxation Response Ltd. in Toronto, Canada. Since he began his pioneering work in 1978, he established himself as a respected authority in the management of stress and change and he has taught tens of thousands simple but effective skills to gain control over their bodies, minds and emotions.

Through courses, workshops, speeches and tapes, Eli's manner and approach has enhanced the quality of life of countless people in corporations, governments, institutions and associations all over North America and around the world. He also teaches relaxation response skills to individuals through public courses that are acclaimed for their practical effectiveness. Eli believes that everyone can benefit from the simple skills that he shares with his audiences. Since 1987, he has hosted two public television series that were based on his materials.

Keith Dalton is a writer and television director. While he first became involved in stress management when working with Eli Bay in the television series "Well Being", he also draws on a lifelong interest in related areas.

Keith has made extensive professional use of many of the techniques taught in this course, which he learned and taught as an actor and theatrical director. A strong personal interest in questions related to the nature of reality, mind and body has led him through a broad inquiry into scientific and religious issues, including techniques such as deep relaxation and meditation.