"Your Green Home Family Action Planner", is a guide to creating an environmentally-friendly household - a handbook to guide you on your way.

Full family participation is central to the planning process outlined. It will take everyone’s cooperation to make things work. Why not have fun while you’re at it? By meeting and working together to reach goals, the whole family has a common ground for exchange, learning and living. Take the advice given to set up meetings around themes, to assign tasks to specific family members and to monitor your progress. This will help give direction to your commitment to the environment.

The book provides background information on the issues. Activities have been included to stimulate your creative thinking as you project yourself into a new way of living. There are instruction and tip sheets to give you concrete ideas for action and planning forms to help you commit to change. Quizzes provide a fun activity while testing your knowledge. Special projects for young children will help them gain an appreciation of nature and of the ecological determinants of our biosphere.