Tough Times

formats: Broadcast TV, DVD

Program Length:Broadcast: two x 30 min, DVD: 60 min

Program Description:
Tough Times addresses the issues and concerns about preparing for and keeping a job by explaining the characteristics of the new economy in a language and style attractive to an audience between ages 17 to 28. The first half, Finding the Jobs, provides an overview of what has been dubbed the "new economy". Viewers are given an inside look into two businesses which have changed immensely over the last few years to meet the current demands.

In the second half, Making the Most of Your Job, viewers are given an overview of skills necessary for getting and holding a job in today's workplace as identified by key business/government groups in the United States and Canada.

The program is available as two half-hours or as single one-hour program for broadcast and as a one-hour DVD containing both programs.


BRONZE PLAQUE, Columbus International Film Festival - Making the Most of Your Job
HONOURABLE MENTION, Columbus International Film Festival Finding the Jobs.