Episodic Descriptions

Episode 101 - Dr. Stanley Coren helps Shari Ulrich and daughter Julia quiet Aloo, their barking American Spitz,and helps Jan Swan stop Ellie, her border collie/lab cross, from chewing up their household. He shows some possible solutions for creating a special place for a dog that is his or her own.

Episode 102 - Dr. Stanley Coren helps Irene Wanless age-proof Dugie, her border collie, so that he will be able to respond to commands even if he loses his sight or hearing in old age. He also helps Christine Melody Roocroft housetrain her new puppy Chaser. He shows how children should be taught to approach and pet a dog, and to give treats.

Episode 103 - Dr. Stanley Coren helps Jude Neale find ways to stop Willie, her border collie, in his obsessive compulsive behaviour around her, and he helps Colleen O'Neil and and Peter Moir teach their golden retriever to retrieve. He demonstrates a fun sport to play with a dog - Frisbee.

Episode 104 - Dr. Stanley Coren helps Kitt White Dale gain control of her dog Duke, who thinks he's top dog of the household, and helps Reiden von Kervel find a way to run safely with her Maremma Italian sheep dog Brody. He shows the many types of leashes available.

Episode 105 - Dr. Stanley Coren helps tame Nancy Lee's boxer Scarlett who is not as aggressive as he appears, and he helps Jay Rutledge and Neil Gray fix their Boston Terrier Max's bad habit of jumping up on guests. He shows how competing behaviours can be used to turn off inappropriate ones.

Episode 106 - Dr. Stanley Coren shows Lary Waldman how to keep his large Irish Wolfhounds, Lucy and Fergus, under control while out walking, and helps Sue Clarke teach her new puppy Gracie to stay close by, and to not run away. He shows the basic collars and the trick to getting slip collars on a dog in the right way.

Episode 107 - Dr. Stanley Coren shows Drew Bagshaw and his children how to deal with their rambunctious, nippy puppy named GoGo, and he helps Catherine Bayley gain control of her sometimes aggressive German Shepherd, Nika. He shows how to determine how much food a puppy needs to eat during it's first few months of life.

Episode 108 - Dr. Stanley Coren helps Cindy and Vanessa Nicolson stop their Bishon Frise Becky from licking everyone, and he shows Charlie Wallace how to socialize his young labrador puppy Sandy. He demonstrates a toy that entertians dogs.

Episode 109 - Dr. Stanley Coren shows Leah Darling how she can help Othello, her black lab/border collie cross, overcome separation anxiety and he gives Kitty Hass some help getting her golden retriever Toby ready for advanced obedience trials. He also demonstrates leash holding techniques.

Episode 110 - Dr. Stanley Coren shows Elizabeth Hunter how to pick out an Airdale puppy from a litter and to introduce it to it's new home, and he helps Daniela Gifford deal with her very dominant Rottweilers, Ben and Maggie. He shows how to housetrain a puppy.

Episode 111 - Dr. Stanley Coren shows Rob Forbes how to keep his golden retriever Malcolm from bolting, and he shows Jane Kellet how to make car travel safe and comfortable for her labrador Rover. He gives advice on airline travel for dogs.

Episode 112 - Dr. Stanley Coren shows Debbie Theilmann what she should be looking for in a kennel for her dog KJ, and he helps Wayne Kozak teach his Portuguese Water Dog Jango to be a little more reliable when responding to commands. He shows how to socialize a dog so he's "bomb-proof".

Episode 113 - Dr. Stanley Coren shows Eileen Barrett how to safety proof her soft-coated Wheaton Terrier, Fergus, for urban streets, shows Mike & Cynthia Gibbons how to stop their German Shepherd dogs, Keltie and Kimber, from eating their own droppings. He demonstrates th use of dog packs so you can have your dog help you carry things.

Episode 201 Jenny Whittall taught her Golden Retriever Lucy to bark for the cameras when she hosted the television series, Pet Friends. Now she won't stop. Stanley Coren helps her find the "off" button. Dr. Coren also helps Doug Koch tame his Cardigan Welsh Corgy Dylan who barks and lunges at other dogs on their walks. He also shows a simple way to muzzle a dog that has been hurt so that you can help him without being nipped.

Episode 202 Tara Philp's and Dave Pollard's Golden Retriever, Great Pyrenees cross Barley is getting rather nippy when playing games. Stanley shows how to take the nip out of the nipper. He also helps Craig Naherniak and Jacqui Pearce recall their very friendly Labrador Cross Dylan, who is easily distracted on walks. Stanley shows how to brush a dog's teeth.

Episode 203 Stanley Coren helps Pavlik Stooshnoff tame his little Yorkie/Lhasa cross Ghengis, who goes crazy when he meets another dog or strangely-dressed person on the street. He also helps Graham Mason teach his pug Duke to eliminate on his balcony so he doesn't have to head out of his apartment in the dead of night. He also shows ways to successfully give pills to a dog.

Episode 204 Stanley Coren shows Rose Bannardel and her daughter Lyla how to stop the dangerous greeting behaviour of a Pit Bull/American Bulldog cross named Angel. He also shows Jacqui Warral and her daughter Vanessa how to control their Chihuahua Elmo who has taken over as chief of the household. Stanley also shows how to make a handle on a leash so you can grab your dog for quick control.

Episode 205 Roxanne Regan's standard poodle Simba has rather embarrassing greeting behaviour. Stanley helps her get Simba's nose out of people's crotches. He also helps Trish Gulbrasen with her Burmese Mountain Dog Lexus who chases after cars, roller bladers, skateboarders, anything that moves. Stanley shows how to make an inexpensive but very successful dog toy.

Episode 206 Annette Kramer's Golden Retriever Sonny bolts out of the house and pulls her along on his leash. Stanley Coren helps her control him. And Bev Ballantyne's dog Kip doesn't like being touched. Stanley shows her how to desensitize him. Stanley also shows how to give your dog a morning massage.

Episode 207 Dianne Speranza's Beagle, Brio, snatches food from the table when nobody's looking. Stanley Coren comes up with a plan. He also helps Jane Edwards and Doug Lipton with their West Highland White Terrier who lags behind on their walks. He also shows how to make a bouncy dog toy.

Episode 208 Susan Ryan's Sheltie, Tammy, chases her children and nips and rips their clothes. Stanley shows how to stop this behaviour. He also helps teenager Juliet Reynolds get control of her Black Lab Cross, Basil, that won't listen to her. Stanley demonstrates how to tell your dog that you want to play.

Episode 209 Stanley Coren helps turn Patrice Ingram's surly aggressive Saluki, T.T.Auri, into a socialite. And he helps Gloria Pinillos and her sons get control of their hundred pound Black Lab Cross Buddy on their walks. He gives a tip on training your dog when you have no time to train.

Episode 210 Susan Millar and her daughter Sita are adopting a Miniature Poodle puppy. Stanley shows them how to make sure he bonds with the family. He also helps Brent McHugh find ways to make his stubborn Husky, Champ, subordinate to his children and more playful with them. He demonstrates how to make an inexpensive winter dog jacket.

Episode 211 Scott Wilson's Golden Retriever Cross, Rosie, seems to have low self-esteem. Stanley finds out that its more than that and solves the problem. The Brown family can't get their Golden Retriever, Shira, to come when called and their afraid for her safety. Stanley teaches the kids a fun way to teach their dog. He also shows how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre for a choking dog.

Episode 212 Nathalie Clease's Italian Spinone, Terra, is addicted to television and wakes she and her husband Derek up early to turn on the TV. Stanley provides some solutions. He also helps the Ikuta family with their Akita, Kuma, who has become nippy during play. He shows what to do if your dog eats chocolates which can be fatal for dogs.

Episode 213 In this program, Stanley helps Anne Page and her children teach their Miniature Dachshund puppies to pay attention to them rather than to each other. He also helps Bettina Olcay and her children deal with her snapping Springer Spaniel that bites any hand that feeds it. Stanley also shows how to tell your dog that he's doing the right thing.

Episode 214 In this program, Stanley shows Susan Sandrin how to stop her Golden Retriever/Lab Cross, Bobby, from carrying rocks. They're destroying her teeth. He also shows John and Madhu Langer how to convince their Border Collie/German Shepherd Cross, Chloe, to walk by their side. Stanley warns about the dangers of anti-freeze for dogs.

Episode 215 In this program, Stanley helps David Brierley and his wife, Anita Ginn, deal with an embarrassing problem. Their dog Sadie urinates when visitors arrive, sometimes on them. He helps another Anita, Anita Hendrickson, deal with her Cocker Spaniel/Beagle Cross - Spike has a barking problem. He also shows some ways to deal with a dog that smells like skunk.

Episode 216 In this program, Stanley helps teach Mike Hardcastle and Tina Kells how to keep their excitable, bouncy Rottweiler, Harley from scaring family, friends and neighbours. He also shows Maggie Foster and James Laturnus how to silence their barking Multipoos, Lucy and Oliver. Stanley gives some advice on how to keep your dog from roasting on a hot summer's day.

Episode 217 In this program, Stanley shows Judy Frampton how to help her dog Suzy overcome her fear or thunder. He also helps Stuart and Nicole Delmotte with their German Shorthaired Pointer, Sydney. He is an overzealous defender of their home. Stanley provides a tip for ensuring your dog doesn't leave any unwanted calling cards.

Episode 218 In this program, Stanley helps Leslie Gallon and her daughter Tamara deal with their Portuguese Water Dogs, Jeda and Coho. The two are not getting along. He also helps Francisco Gomez and Whitney Crowe silence their Red and Blue Heelers, Zoe and Diago, the colourful barkers. Stanley provides advice on how to communicate with your dog when he can't hear you.

Episode 219 In this program, Stanley shows Nicholas Cowper, age 11, how to teach his Border Collie/Husky Cross, Demeter, to play Frisbee and to make it a competitive game. Stanley also helps smooth the relationship between Googoo, Susanne Martin's Brindle Boxer and his new feline housemates. He also provides advice on cleaning up after your dog.

Episode 220 In this program, Stanley helps Kelly Hall train her night-howling Rottweiler, Madchen from this disturbing behaviour. He shows Carlotta Ritchie how to stop her German Wire-Haired pointer, Amos, from digging in the garden. He gives some useful advice for keeping your dog out of the trash.

Episode 221 In this program, Stanley helps Hazel Williams and her son, Nigel deal with the animosity between their Mini-Schnauzer, Steffie and their young West Highland Terrier, Dewi. Then he shows Lisa Cattrall-Gard and Jeff Gard how to prepare their old and much loved American Staffordshire terrier, Niko, for their coming baby. Stanley gives some good advice on training yourself to train your dog.

Episode 222 In this program, Stanley shows Trish McKeen and her husband, John McNeill how to keep their pack of miniature poodles from driving them crazy in the car. He shows the Knapp family how to keep their golden retriever Beckett from humping everyone's legs. Stanley also puts on an apron and cooks up some biscuits for treats.

Episode 223 In this special edition of Good Dog, Stanley plays student rather than teacher. He seeks out help from Cathy Kenzie and Janna Adrian of Camp Ruffinit to teach his Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Dancer, the sport of agility. Then he consults with Gary Roe to teach his Flat-Coated Retriever, Odin, how to track. Stanley also shows how to make popsicles for your pups.

Episode 224 In this program, Stanley shows Vivian Pearce how to make healthy dog food from scratch for her Malamutes, Anuk and Kayla. Then he shows Pam Still how she can keep her Lab Luke from running off whenever he sees someone playing. Stanley provides some good advice on how to convince Lassie to come home.

Episode 225 In this program, Stanley shows Jane Robinson how to teach her Sheltie, Lady, from barking up a storm when the phone rings. Rachelle McCormack has 2 young Old English Sheepdogs, Daisy and Turk that are littermates. Stanley shows her how to train them so they have each have their own separate identity. And in his inimitable style, Stanley conveys what a dog perceives when he looks at a human.

Episode 226 In this program, Stanley shows Leslie Reed how to stop her Australian Shepherd, Marlie, from chewing everything in sight. He also shows Elizabeth Hammerberg how to dampen the aggression between her two Wheaton Terriers, Dooley and Fergus. He also shows how to establish your dog's position in the family hierarchy.

Episode 3040 Grooming is the topic of this program and Dr. Coren helps Brian and Jane Green with Casey, their Cockapoo, who hates being bathed. He also shows Ester Jang and her children how to groom their chocolate lab puppy, Tuck, as a way to bond with him and keep him neat and clean. He also demonstrates how to "dry bathe" a dog.

Episode 3041 Dogs who snap and nip at children is the subject of this episode. Dr. Coren shows Willa England and her daughter Carolyn how to take the nip out of Riley, one of their two Nova Scotia Duck Tollers. He shows Georgia Farrell how to stop her toy poodle, Tina, from snapping at children when out for a walk. He demonstrates how children should act around an aggressive dog.

Episode 3042 Dogs predatory nature makes them chase things, sometimes dangerous things. That's the topic of this program, and Dr. Coren shows Linda Taruth how to keep her West Highland Terrier, Kramer, from attacking the vacuum cleaner and Hilary Vogen how to keep her Corgie Sheltie Cross, Charlie, from lunging at cars and trucks.

Episode 3043 City living poses difficulties for dogs and dog owners, which is the subject of this program. Dr. Coren shows Susan and Kendra Slade how to prepare their dog for a move to smaller quarters in a city. He also shows Cheryl Ann Shaw and her children how to deal with house-training their Pug puppy, Pudge, in an apartment situation.

Episode 3044 Dog aggression against people and other dogs is a serious issue and the topic of this episode. In this program, Dr. Coren shows Bob Griswald to nip the aggressive tendencies of his young lab "Kali" in the bud. He also helps Bill Simpson deal with his Border Collie Missy's aggression toward other dogs.

Episode 3045 Dogs and children are a natural combination but sometimes they need to learn to co-exist peacefully. Dr. Coren shows the Pearsons how to prepare their 4 month old yellow lab for the arrival of a baby, and he shows Corrie Cheshire how to calm her over-friendly dog, Kayla, when he's around children.

Episode 3046 Dogs can develop fears, which is the topic of this program. Dr. Coren shows Nadine Bell how to help her German Shepherd, Echo, who is afraid of other dogs because he was once attacked by a Rottweiter. He also shows Grant Lee how to desensitive his Shibu Inu, Mele, who is afraid of toasters.

Episode 3047 Many dogs want to dominate their human family and this behaviour can manifest in many ways and cause different problems. In this program, Dr. Coren shows Terry Grieve how to handle her puppy Chow who refuses to be leash-trained. He also helps Tino Ngo whose dog tries to step on her, whine when not getting attention, and hug her legs to keep her from going upstairs.

Episode 3048 Thanks to better care and advancing veterinary science, dogs are living longer. But senior dogs often have problems, but they can be helped with some knowledge. In this program, Dr. Coren shows Anne Parry and her children how they can help their little blind and deaf dog, Corky, who often becomes lost and disoriented. He shows Angie McCullogh how to keep her Corgy/Sheltie Cross, Buffy, from becoming a grumpy old dog which is not an uncommon problem in aging dogs.

Episode 3049 Dogs with disabilities can live a fine life if given the chance. In this program, Dr. Coren provides advice to Stephanie Wakeford who has a delightful German Short-Haired Pointer named Heston who only has three legs. She wonders what he should be allowed to do. Dr. Coren shows the Whites how to make their home environment more easily negotiated by their American Cocker Spaniel , Lupi, who has recently become blind due to glaucoma.

Episode 3050 Traveling with your dog, by foot or by car, can be a very pleasant experience or a nightmare, depending on your preparations. Dr. Coren shows Pamela Matthews and Jonathan Bonk how to make a wilderness hike with their Labrador Retriever, Moqua, safe and enjoyable. Shirley Welch has a problem with Jade, an English Pointer in her care, who gets carsick. Dr. Coren shows her the steps to quell Jade's jumping stomach.

Episode 3051 Often people inadvertently teach their dog to be dominant, and then he becomes no fun to be around. In this program, Dr. Coren shows Sheila Haggerstone and her daughter Sarah how they are teaching their dog to be nippy, and how to train him to stop his mouthy behaviour. He shows Silvaine Zimmerman and daughter Natasha to recognize the signs of dominance in their large, very pushy, sometimes aggressive, dog Ballou, who is a Golden Retriever/ Great Pyrenees Cross. He shows them how to take back the leadership role in the relationship.

Episode 3052 When a dog has a medical emergency, you need to apply first aid and to get him to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. In this program, Dr. Coren shows Wendy Merkley, who has already lost two dogs to car accidents, how she can keep her new Husky, Lucy, alive until she gets him to a clinic. Bernadette Hall's Golden Retriever, Taffy, is afraid of going to the veterinarians: that is not a good situation if you need to get medical help. Dr. Coren shows her how to teach Taffy that going to the vets is fun, not terrible.

Episode 4053 Dogs enjoying water sports is the topic of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren helps Deepak Sahasrabudhe convince his Miniature Poodle, Zoom, that swimming is fun and easy. He shows Amanda and Allard Ockeloen how to make their Border Collie Cross, Ollie, feel safe and be safe while sailing on their sixty-foot sailing yacht. Stanley also shows viewers how to protect their dogs from the effects of sun and salt water.

Episode 4054 Rescued dogs are the topic of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren is able to surmise the unhappy past of Margita Pickett's Samoyed-German Shepherd Cross, Angel, and solve her aggression problems toward other dogs. With the same deductive flair, he is able to help Yvette Wheelwright house-train Buster, her Chihuahua Pomeranian Cross, who had been with another owner for the first few months of his life. Dr. Coren also give some tips on helping a rescue dog become settled into it's new home.

Episode 4055 This episode is all about separations and greetings. Dr. Stanley Coren helps Gareth Hill whose Border Collie/Blue Heeler Cross suffers from separation anxiety when he goes out. Then he shows Suki and Richard Ford how to tame their Staffordshire Terrier Dylan's rambunctious behavior when guests arrive at the door. He also shows viewers how to reduce their dogs' anxieties when seeing suitcases being packed.

Episode 4056 Handling unruly dogs on a leash is the topic of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren help Dale and Irish Kish with their Shepherd/Rottweiler Cross Nipper who drags them around on their daily walks. He then shows Raquel Jackson how to teach her dog to walk politely beside her rather than meandering around her legs, making their walks hazardous experiences. He shows viewers how to make a simple, effective teething toy.

Episode 4057 Taming dominant behavior is the subject of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren shows Jennifer Sanford how to deal with her Chocolate Labrador, Tucker, whose dominant behavior is progressing from being annoying to aggressive. He shows David Scott how to nip dominance in the bud in his Rottweiler puppy, Tammy, before he gets too big to handle. He shows viewers a test to determine whether their dog's aggressive behavior is the result of fear or dominance.

Episode 4058 Dogs and youngsters are the topic of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren shows teenager Alexandra Hobart how to teach her Dalmatian, James, to play with only designated stuffed animals, not ones that she'd prefer were off-limits. And he shows young Laura and Simon Weil how to teach their Golden Retriever Puppy, Emma, to pay attention to their commands and to stop nipping and jumping on them. He shows viewers how to tell a dog that you're not pleased with its behavior.

Episode 4059 Eating and good oral hygiene are the topics of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren works out an eating plan with Teresa Plowright for her Keeshound Bichon Cross Puppy, Buddy, who has been eating rather richly. He shows Karen Wooten how to deal with her Border Collie Lucky's bad breath and gives lots of advice on oral hygiene which is important for a dog's overall health.

Episode 4060 – In this episode, Stanley comes to the rescue of people who have dogs that eat and chew the wrong things. Lisa Doucette’s Cocker Spaniel, Bridget, is a food stealer…she eats right off her family’s plates. Stanley gives her some techniques to stop her thief. Mary Seller’s dog, Axel, a Doberman Pinscher, chews on everything from pillows to furniture, and Stanley provides some way to avert this behavior. He also gives a tip on teaching your dog some self-control around food.

Episode 4061 – Noisy dogs is the topic of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren helps Jackie and Larry Pretty who have three small dogs that go wild barking when someone comes to their door. He also provides some strategies to Michele and Bill Poole whose German Short-Haired Pointers, Max & Diesel, howl when they leave, upsetting the neighbors. He provides a tip on items you should keep at your door that can be used to keep your dog quiet when guests arrive.

Episode 4062 - Routine grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. In this episode, Dr. Stanley Coren shows Noah Pryce-Jones how to keep the ears of his Newfoundland Cross dog, Alistair, clean and free from germs that could create problems. He shows Lynne Hartle, how to clip the toenails of her very nervous dog, Shelly, a Golden Retriever Cross. He also shows how to stop the bleeding if by chance you clip the nails too close and cut the quick.

Episode 4063 – In this episode, Dr. Stanley Coren helps people deal with their medical concerns. Bev Jay, who has a standard poodle named Phoenix, wants to know what signs or symptoms would indicate an immediate trip to the vet. Stanley gives her comprehensive list and shows her how to check her dog daily with little fuss. Matthew Miller’s Border Collie, Mika, has a bad habit of compulsively licking any irritation on her skin, often resulting in an infected wound. Dr. Coren shows some home remedies to stop the behavior. He gives a tip on putting ointments on your dog.

Episode 4064 – Dogs and play is the topic of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren helps Judy Blake and Harry Hanke whose Labrador, Molly, refuses to be “recalled” when she’s having a good time playing with other dogs. He shows Peggy Trendell-Jensen and her husband Peter Jensen how to teach their Bernese Mountain Dog, Jenny, to retrieve. He provides some advice on choosing retrieving toys for your dog.

Episode 4065 – Household hazards for dogs is the topic of this episode. Dr. Stanley Coren helps Misha Mikhail safety-proof her house for her dog, Koji, an Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Cross. Koji had recently gotten into some poison and had had her stomach pumped. Sue Ellen Fast and her son, Theo, get some advice from Stanley about protecting her newly acquired dog, Buster, from the hazards of Christmas celebrations. Stanley’s also provides a unique solution to keeping your dog from a Christmas tree.

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