About Dr Debbye Turner
"Miss America 1990"
Host of The Gentle Doctor

Host Dr. Debbye Turner has a history of championing good causes. When chosen Miss America in 1990, she had the opportunity during her reign to help people with small voices overcome big obstacles. She was an ambassador for the Children's Miracle Network, encouraged minorities and women to make their voices heard to the census bureau, and worked to help the National Centers for Missing and Exploited Children.

While many young women would view the title as the pinnacle achievement of their lives, Debbye didn't stop there. She spent at least as long and worked even harder to become a veterinarian. In 1991 she graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia as a doctor of veterinary medicine. She has since been championing the cause of those who can't speak for themselves - animals - a role she fills admirably well as host of The Gentle Doctor.