Your Green Home Episode Descriptions
Program 1: Your Garbage
Garbage reduction is an important issue. Not only does our garbage pollute our environment, it's also a symptom of our over-use of the earth's resources. Reduce, reuse and recycle have become the three catchwords for household garbage management. But how can a family actually make a difference? Host Marjorie Lamb shows many ways to implement strategies in the home. compost.
Program 2: Your Water
Our waters are being over-used for domestic purposes and abused through household pollution. The impact of our living habits is explained and many tips are provided for conserving and preserving this valuable resource. Host Marjorie Lamb shows that by doing a few simple things in your bathroom, for example, you can reduce your water-use dramatically. And by using environmentally-friendly products for cleaning, you can go a long way to keeping our waters toxin-free.
Program 3: Your Air
The delicate balance of gases which comprise our atmosphere is being upset. Global warming, acid rain, and ozone layer depletion are considerable challenges we now face as a result.Our indoor environments are also posing a significant risk to our health right now. In the first part of the program, environmentalist Marjorie Lamb shows how individuals can reduce their impact on the outdoor air by using motor vehicles less, and by making them more efficient for driving. Driving more efficiently is also covered. Ways to eliminate and reduce pollutants in the indoor environment is the focus of the second half of the program.

Program 4: Your Earth
Our soil is being degraded and lost at an alarming late. Our future ability to feed ourselves is in jeopardy. Marjorie Lamb outlines the issues and shows how you can take better care of your soil at home by seeking alternatives to synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The choice of the food we eat is also an issue explored... as is the changing face of modern agriculture which is grappling with major problems.
Program 5: Your Energy
Our heavy reliance on energy to sustain our lifestyle costs the environment, whether the source is hydro-electricity, fossil fuels, nuclear power or garbage burning. Acid rain and global warming are two of the principal consequences. In this program, environmentalist Marjorie Lamb show how you can reduce energy use in the home, by reducing heating costs and electricty use. An energy auditor shows many inexpensive, easy ways to seal one's home so that less heat is lost to the outdoors. Many suggestions are made for reducing the use of energy for appliances and lighting too.
Program 6: Your Community
Once you have cleaned up your act at home in an effort to help save the environment, taking some steps into the community to widen your impact is a natural next step.This program features a number of people who have done just that. We meet the founders of the World-Wide Home Environmentalists Network, a volunteer for the Sierra Club, a group that turned a local dump into a community garden, and some young people who have helped revive some salmon-spawning streams.These stories serve as inspiration to viewers who may want to find their own ways to contribute.