"Magicians. They made a video that sings."
Tony Barrett, Past President, Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation

"An amazing job in a short timeline."
Jaye Routledge, Director, Impact BC

"The videos are superb."
Dan Bilsker, Professor, SFU, commenting on 5 mental health videos.

"The videos over-delivered in every way. Everyone was thrilled."
D. G. Whitehead, Project Leader for Victoria BC Water Service Educational Project

“The videos were a powerful element of our marketing efforts.”
Ted Spear, Ph.D, School Founder and Director, Island Pacific School

“Your programs delivered great ratings, great press....and it was a delight working with you
and your team.”

Jan Platt, VP Programming, Life Network
Press Clippings for Nature Walk TV series

“This is a show …  about the grand scheme of life itself.”
Louise Leger, Toronto Globe and Mail

“I swear I can smell the fresh air!”
Jim Bawden, Toronto Star

“In delighting over these creatures… Sue Ellen…  reminds us of the kids we once were…”
Louise Leger, Toronto Globe and Mail

“… a rare show that manages to be intimate, intelligent, and instructive without falling short on picturesque…”
John Allemang, Toronto Globe and Mail

“#16 in Star Week's 96 reasons to watch TV…”
Jim Bawden, Toronto Star

“Sue Ellen is  … smart and sensitive without feeling the need to compete with her subject.…”
Louise Leger, Toronto Globe and Mail

“Nature Walk manages to shoehorn some of nature's wildest vistas onto the small screen without losing its sense of majesty.”
Alex Strachan, Vancouver Sun

“Nature Walk makes wild places seem both more beautiful and more intelligible…”
John Allemang, Toronto Globe and Mail
Other Kudos

"Starting a Business" was lauded by the Wall Street Journal.

"Personal Finance With Lyman MacInnis" was identified as a "Best Pick" in The Toronto Star.

"Women's Wellness" and "Nature Walk" were rated as being in the top 5 of Life Network's programming.

"Good Dog!" was a Life Network hit having over 300,000 a week and received many positive reviews.