Substance with Kick

We know that you want to send a message that has punch. To engage people. To move them. To create dialogue, action, comprehension, buy in... We know that it's all about your needs, your objectives.

We are masterful blenders of content and technology.

We're creative. Effective. Efficient. Attuned. We'll make the effort to really understand your messages. We know the technology involved in using video and how to use it for broadcast, for DVD and on the web. We know how to give you the best bang for your buck.

We are the experts.  We've produced 22 television documentary series. Created 50+ programs for a wide variety of clients.  Our peers in the TV industry have honoured us with 60+ international awards for our work.  Media critics have given us great reviews.  Audiences have honoured us by watching our programs -- Our TV programs have had great ratings.  We've sold world wide.  Our clients appreciate us - that's why they hire us again and again.

We have also made several media-rich websites - including some with close to 200 videos.

We're the company that can successfully bring together content and technology.