Clients for whom SOMA has produced videos:

Patient Voices Network
3 programs were made for Patient Voices Network: The first launched the new initiative in BC to the major stakeholders and potential patient registrants; a second video was documents a speech by leading U.K. Patient advocate, David Gilbert and a third video to marks a celebratory event at the first year anniversary of Patient Voices Network.

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Marmot Recovery
The Vancouver Island Marmot is on the verge of extinction. This video was used as the centrepiece of a major fund-raising effort, paid for the Vancouver Island Marmot Foundation. It won two top international awards.

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Impact BC
Several series of videos were made designed for continuing doctor education. One series was on helping doctors support patients with depression issues, another was one, helping doctors find ways to make their businesses more effective and efficient.

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Water Today & Tomorrow
is one of three videos produced by SOMA to educate high school students in the Victoria area about the source and treatment of their water and future issues. Produced for the Capital Regional District (Victoria BC) Water Service.

Two videos were made to recruit students to this independent school – one targeting parents and one targeting students.

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Island Pacific School
Two videos were made to recruit students to this independent school – one targeting parents and one targeting students..

Healthy Heart BC
Several programs for doctors to provide innovative ideas for dealing with patients with chronic health conditions.

BCIT Aerospace Institute
Susan Millar wrote the script for the BCIT production depart for this video to sell students on their program and new landmark building.

Canadian Red Cross
SOMA made a commercial in English and French to sell Red Cross Youth programs and another short video to profile people who have special and on-going need for blood donations to motivate donors.

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
This cross Canada video profiles accountants at various stages of their careers to sell senior high school students on becoming chartered accountants.

Attorney General of Ontario
This video profiled young offenders to show how new legislation would impact their future.

Indian Immigrant Aid Services
Two half hour films were made to 1) show how new immigrants can become more stitched into the broader community through volunteering and 2) how being between two cultures – that of parents and that of Canada – puts young people in a stressful position.

Addiction Research Foundation
This short drama shows how alcohol abuse and domestic violence are interlinked in many ways.

North American Life
This short video was designed to get internal buy-in for a new corporate logo.

Canadian Power and Sail Squadron
This video dramatically shows how to deal with “man overboard” while sailing.

Canadian Osteoporosis Society
This program was designed to educate Canadians about this disease including current scientific knowledge and promising prevention methods and treatments.

Comac Communications
This award-winning film was the centrepiece of the launch of a new magazine in Toronto called “City Woman”.

Rogers Communications
This film was designed to persuade the CRTC of Roger's application to take over Canadian Cablesystems Inc.

Consortium of 5 universities and TVO
a 12 part television telecourse was created on the Sociology of Crime through the lens of three sociological perspectives.

Barr Films Corporate Film Distributors
Two programs for made for this distributor of educational films to corporations. One was an award-wining film on “The Termination Interview” and the other on “The Performance Review”, also award winning.

Cambridge Educational Film Distribution
wo programs were made to help young people find and keep jobs in “The New Economy”. New York Festival Finalists.

Beacon Films Educational Distribution
Two 12 part series were made for this distributor of films to high schools, colleges and universities. Starting a Business shows all the steps to creating a business and it won kudos from the Wall Street Journal. The second, Money Smart, showed all aspects of personal financial management – a multi-award winning series.